Climate neutrality

We employ energy-efficient production processes and handle resources carefully. Of course, we cannot completely avoid creating CO2 emissions in our production process and distribution channels. To protect the climate and the environment, we offset the remaining emissions with the Swiss foundation Fair Recycling.


The photovoltaic array at the Endingen production facility enables us to generate up to 60 % of our electricity requirements ourselves on site. The power generated is fed into the German electricity grid. We investigated using the generated electricity directly ourselves, but this is not yet economically viable.


With the purchase of new low-emission vehicles and a reduction in emissions from electricity, heating oil and natural gas, consumption can be kept at a low level. The remaining emissions, such as nitrogen oxides or solvents, are checked and kept within the prescribed limits. However, CO2 emissions are not entirely avoidable. We offset all CO2 emissions via the Fair Recycling project.

Staff conduct

All our employees act in such a way as to support our sustainability practices, which inform everything we think and do, whether the optimization of material usage or the economical use of operational resources, power etc.

Partner project

The Swiss Climate Protection Foundation contributes to global climate protection with fair recycling of old CFC refrigerators in emerging countries. Fair Recycling combines climate and resource protection with community engagement. Together with its local project partner Indústria Fox, Fair Recycling has built the first environmentally sound recycling plant for refrigerators in South America in Brazil.

E-bikes are available at the Bützberg site and can be used for short journeys to work or a bit of exercise during the lunch break. Employees at the Endingen site have the option of leasing a company bicycle under the cycle-to-work scheme.