Zurich Quai

Quai Zurich Campus, Zurich, Switzerland

Perfection in every detail

Stephan Hürlemann and his studio received a special commission as part of an architectural renovation and general refurbishment of the Zurich Insurance building complex. The brief was to develop a new furniture concept that would create a perfect blend of past and present. 

The particular challenge for Stephan Hürlemann was to combine the different buildings and architectural styles with a strong formal language. “I was looking for the grand creative gesture. Even in small quantities, the goal was the for the items to make their mark on the space without dominating it,” comments the architect and designer. Part of the furniture concept was an distinctive family of wooden furniture items with a dozen different typologies, including reception desk, various seating arrangements, work desks and benches. The formal language of all these “touchpoints” is based on the same design logic. 

Areas for innovation and collaboration were also designed by Hürlemann and equipped with large work desks in an archaic design. 

IT reception desk with drawers, electrification and integration of various devices and connections.

Quai Zurich Campus, Zurich, Switzerland

Stephan Hürlemann, Hürlemann AG, Zurich, Switzerland

Zurich, Photo by Beat Bühler, Beat Bühler Photography, 2021