The Workshop

Testing laboratory, materials library, showroom – this is where you obtain an overall impression, and it is a suitable location for our project meetings.

Ideas workshop

This is where you can clearly see how ideas are realized from initial sketches onwards.
Material samples, technical experiments and small 1:10 models support us on our shared journey towards the finished project.

Visual models

With the aid of 1:1 models, we clarify proportions, the composition of structural solutions and upholstery layers.

Prototypes / functional models

Prototypes are essential for reviewing particular functions, ergonomic properties and technical mechanisms. We often build several of them so that we can make the best possible comparisons.

Pure inspiration

Our workshop is now home to an entire collection of prototypes and exhibits from completed projects, which may also provide inspiration for your project.

Collaboration bears fruit

All our projects involve an ongoing dialogue with our clients and the responsible architects and designers. Our own team keep in constant touch with each other and, in the case of unusual tasks, involve external partners from our network.

Get in touch:

Do you have a specific project or an unrealized idea on file? Whether it’s a single item, a small-scale job or a major project, we will be pleased to advise you. We are a reliable partner you can count on!

Thomas Hirschi
Head of Customized Furniture

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