We construct your design

Thanks to interdisciplinary workshops, industrial design experts, engineering, construction, solid wood processing, metalworking and upholstery.

Our Customized Furniture business unit draws on a wealth of experience gathered over the many years the company has been in existence and combines excellent craftsmanship with ultra-modern technology. Our employees are experts in industrial design, construction, solid wood processing, metalworking and upholstery. With the help of our multidisciplinary workshops we offer everything from a single source – drawing where necessary on the support of highly specialized partner companies.


Our project managers are experts in bespoke furniture solutions. They design and develop, build prototypes and oversee projects from start to finish. We have a pool of eight development specialists in total, meaning we are always able to choose the right manager for your project.

Building models and prototypes

A prototype can be much more informative than a drawing. Our model builders are able to create design models and prototypes on request, thus enabling our clients to check the visual appearance, proportions, tactile sensation, function and comfort of their furniture designs. Our models also enable further requirements to be determined and details optimized, so that before production begins you can be certain that the final result will meet your requirements.

Testing functionality and conformity with standards

Seating in public and commercial spaces in particular has to be designed to cope with regular use and a high degree of wear and tear. Even for bespoke items, we can test safety and durability in our own test laboratory if applicable, so you can rest assured that your product will withstand the stresses of daily use.

Evaluation of materials

We evaluate the materials you have chosen to determine their suitability and also organize samples of materials. As we have an extensive range of materials, we are often able to suggest further options, thus providing the best possible choice for your project.

The synergy of our expertise

Particularly in the case of projects involving listed buildings, there are many different aspects to be balanced against each other – aesthetic, functional, acoustic and fire safety requirements.

A real-world example

When the Grosse Bühne stage was renovated at Theater Basel, the listed cantilever chairs with folding seats were also redesigned. Stringent requirements were specified with regard to safety, strength, durability and fire prevention. Prototypes were developed, including twelve dummies that underwent additional acoustic testing at EMPA (the Swiss Federal Laboratories for Materials Science and Technology).