Eyla – an elegant and extremely comfortable swivel chair for high-end conference settings


"Eyla" from Girsberger is a new and appealing alternative to conventional swivel chairs for conference settings. It is an extremely comfortable and highly versatile chair. With its elegant design, "Eyla" is ideal for use in high-end conference settings. Yet because it is easy to operate and available in multiple different versions, it is equally suited to use as a universal swivel chair in the company or home office. Generous cushioning and a concealed tilt mechanism make this chair extremely comfortable, whichever version is chosen. It also has excellent eco-credentials, as Girsberger's production is CO2 neutral.


Bützberg, 18.11.2021

The design of "Eyla" is calm and elegant – its lines and surfaces are perfectly balanced, creating an imposing yet stylishly understated appearance. The designers of "Eyla", Burkhard Vogtherr and Jonathan Prestwich, succeeded in producing a chair that is particularly well suited to conference use. It is extremely comfortable to sit on thanks to generous and luxurious cushioning along with a tilt mechanism concealed within the seat. The latter allows the user to sit back comfortably by sliding the seat forwards and tilting the backrest. The spring tension automatically adjusts to the user's weight.

"Eyla" comes in multiple versions, making it highly versatile. For high-end conference use it is available with a four-prong base that is either height-adjustable or has a fixed height and swivel return function. For personal workspaces, "Eyla" comes with a five-prong base. There is also the option of a standard or high backrest, which gives the chair a particularly imposing appearance.

The distinctive circular armrests are both formal and functional, connecting the seat and backrest. Like the seat post they are available in polished or black-coated aluminium, with or without an armrest cap.

The upholstery options for "Eyla" include the two new and highly exclusive leathers Vitoria and Verona. Vitoria is an untreated eco-leather which is tanned using olive leaf extract and has a delicate waxy feel. Verona is a nubuck leather with particularly soft feel.

Girsberger's production is CO2 neutral. This means that – like all the company's products – "Eyla" is perfect for those looking to furnish their premises sustainably with no impact on their CO2 balance.

Designers: Burkhard Vogtherr and Jonathan Prestwich


"Eyla" as a classic swivel conference chair with a high back. Its streamlined silhouette and flush-mounted circular armrests are particularly striking, and complemented by the close-fitting upholstery and carefully handcrafted seam details.


With a standard backrest, black frame and homely fabric cover, Eyla also fits perfectly into the home office

"Eyla" as a conference swivel chair and an office swivel chair – in the new "Verona" nubuck leather upholstery option

Girsberger has two new leather options in its range: 

Verona is a nubuck leather with a natural grain and a soft feel. Over time the leather takes on an attractive patina and is easy to maintain and refresh using a brush. The raw cowhides come from Europe and are tanned and dyed using environmentally friendly mineral processes.

Vitoria is an untreated natural nappa leather with a delicate waxy feel. The leather is tanned in an environmentally friendly way using olive leaf extract, which produces a more sustainable, ecological leather. The leaves used for tanning fall when the trees are shaken during the olive harvest and are processed into an extract with an environmental benefit. Minor colour variations and natural marks are possible with this leather and are characteristic of its natural state.


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