Marel – a luxurious, relaxed and extremely comfortable chair

Bützberg, 09.02.2021

"Marel" is a versatile, homely chair with a highly comfortable, flexible seat and lavishly padded, luxurious upholstery. The striking ridges and slight folds are characteristic. The various slender and light frames place the seat in the spotlight. The four-prong swivel base provides extra movement at the table. Marel is also available with a four-legged or skid frame, with or without armrests or with side panels. The four-legged and skid frames are either black-coated or chromium-plated, while the four-prong base is available either black-coated or polished.

Design: Mathias Seiler


"Marel" in some of its many versions as a four-legged chair, with a four-prong base or as a skid-frame chair. The armrests are available either with caps made from solid oak, black oak or Fenix solid core, or as solid side panels. The back of the chair features a striking zip running down the centre.

Verona nubuck leather produces particularly attractive folds. The relaxed look of the upholstery delivers what it promises – a soft, fluffy seat that provides exceptional comfort.

Girsberger has two new leather options in its range: 

The upholstery options include the two new and highly exclusive leathers Verona and Vitoria.

Verona is a nubuck leather with a natural grain and a soft feel. Over time the leather takes on an attractive patina and is easy to maintain and refresh using a brush. The raw cowhides come from Europe and are tanned and dyed using environmentally friendly mineral processes. This leather is available in 13 colours.

Vitoria is an untreated nappa leather with a delicate waxy feel. This cover material is available in six colours and is tanned in an environmentally friendly way using olive leaf extract, which produces a more sustainable, ecological leather. The leaves used for tanning fall when the trees are shaken during the olive harvest and are processed into an extract with an environmental benefit. Minor colour variations and natural marks are possible with this leather and are characteristic of its natural state.

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