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Are you interested in working for Girsberger? Working at Girsberger is primarily about teamwork, passion for the job and enthusiasm for our projects and goals.

At Girsberger, we stand for an open and sustainable business culture as well as maximum transparency and mutual respect. Working at Girsberger is all about teamwork: all areas and teams work closely together and are interlinked.

We are team workers

The projects within our organization call for a huge variety of expertise. Work processes, areas of responsibility and tasks usually involve different areas and bring together a host of disciplines. That is why each individual person and their specific knowledge and skills matter, as do the smooth running and intermeshing of activities and processes.

Expertise needed

Individual skills and talents are given the chance to develop optimally – whether with craftsmanship tasks in manufacturing and series production or with jobs in product development and commercial areas.

Wide range of tasks

Thanks to our different business areas, our fields of work are highly diverse. We develop, produce, market and sell our products. We are agile on the international market and approach our work with enjoyment and motivation. We offer our employees individual support, helping them to develop within their area or progress to new areas.

Our markets are international

Sites and subsidiaries in different countries, along with international exports and cross-border business relations, make for a wide range of contacts, variety and challenges that enrich our everyday working life.

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