Round tables

Round solid wood tables with various dimensions, types of wood and surface finishes help to ease and encourage communication. It’s no coincidence that the “roundtable” discussion is such a popular format for promoting an open exchange of ideas and opinions.

Round tables


Depending on the model, a round table has a central foot or a four-foot frame. Users can decide for themselves how many people to seat at a round table – Girsberger offers diameters from 80 cm to 180 cm, with a diameter of 160 cm being recommended for seating six to seven people comfortably.


Premium solid wood:

A solid wood table is a sustainable choice – a renewable resource right from the forest – and the natural feel of wood is especially pleasant. Thanks to its own wood trading operations, Girsberger can offer a comprehensive selection of wood types depending on the model of table. This premium piece of furniture will be a timeless companion for many years to come, and an attractive focal point in any dining area. Various surface finishes are available for use as dining tables, while only varnished versions are on offer for meeting areas.