As a manufacturing company with multiple sites and a diversified product range, we take our responsibility towards our stakeholders and the practice of a circular economy very seriously – and have long since incorporated these aspects into how we think and act.

Three essential aspects

The most important aspects of our activity as a manufacturer are consideration for the product life cycle, the long life of our products and their recyclability. Processes that are sparing on resources are also relevant.

Product life cycle and durability

From the outset, our aim is to integrate environmental criteria into the conceptualization and design of new products or services. Thus, responsibility begins with environmentally and socially focused procurement in order to be able to develop a product that is resource-efficient, low in pollutants and waste, and durable. Thanks to their long durability and timelessly attractive design, our products will be used for many years to come.

Recycling and material separation

To minimize the burden on people and the environment at every stage of a productꞌs lifespan, we choose materials that are produced in an eco-friendly manner and can be disposed of in their pure form, while we avoid those with poor ecological properties. Recyclability, subsequent material separation or possible repair and refurbishment are also anticipated at the design stage. Correct disposal by a certified waste disposal company ensures the right conditions for the raw materials to be fed back into the material cycle.

Certification EN ISO 14001

Since 2007, we have had a quality management system certified to EN ISO 14001, which obliges us to continuously improve our environmental performance. We have thus committed ourselves to adhering to the standardꞌs regulations, continually improving our environmental performance, systematically pursuing key environmental aspects and adhering to the relevant legislation.