Planning data, OFML

Planning data

OFML for efficient office planning and product configuration. Find out more about the availability of OFML data, and how you can use the pCon.Update service.


Planning an office calls for expertise and access to the right tools, which is why OFML was developed as a uniform data standard for all office furniture. For further information about OFML, see

Individual product configuration

OFML makes it possible to configure Girsberger products in line with specific requirements and ideas, including the choice of materials, colours, shapes and designs. 

Visual product presentation

OFML allows you to visualise Girsberger products in both 2D and 3D, helping customers to get a better idea of the products and understand how they would look in a particular space.

Spatial planning

OFML enables customers or interior designers to incorporate Girsberger products into their plans for office or living spaces, making it easier to determine the ideal arrangement and placement of the furniture.

Areas of use for the software solutions

  • Configuring complex products
  • 2D and 3D planning
  • Professional visualisation
  • Preparing quotations

Girsberger OFML data

Girsberger provides OFML data for Germany, Switzerland, Austria, France and the Netherlands in German, French, Dutch and English.

Girsberger OFML data are continuously updated and expanded to include new products, and various programmes are available for desktop applications and mobile devices for planning and visualisation. An overview of the software available can be found at: 

For an insight into the possibilities of OFML, you can download the online program version at  without having to register.

The pCon.Update service is available in two versions. You will be able to use the free service if you only need the OFML data from Girsberger and no other manufacturers. The paid service is recommended if you need to use OFML data from different manufacturers at the same time.

The OFML data and the components used are identical in both services, only the registration process differs.


Register here for the free version of the pCon.Update service. Registration for the paid pCon.Update service is handled via the EasternGraphics websites or their sales partners. For more information, visit