Our promise

Tables made from solid European wood and matching chairs for the dining room.

The dining table – the heart of the home

High-quality materials, a sophisticated design and innovative technology are the hallmarks of the furniture in our Home Collection. The tables and chairs are made to order with great devotion and craftsmanship.

Individual furnishings

Choose from a wide variety of different wood types, wood finishes, fabrics and leathers to create your very own custom piece, built by us.

A selection of covering fabrics

An extensive selection of covering fabrics and leathers provide the opportunity to fashion your seating entirely in line with your wishes – depending on the type of wood cut and processing. We can advise you on which colours and surfaces will go well in your premises.
Bold or subtle, single-coloured or two-tone – in addition to the colour and feel of a fabric, the type of use and associated likely maintenance requirements also play a role.

Forms and functions of tables

Round, oval, square or rectangular – our diverse range of table models and types of leaf open up many possibilities. The choice includes advanced functions such as plug-in extension leaves and versions with a pull-out system.

Extension leaves

The simplest form of extension is a leaf that can be added to one end of the table. This is ideal if there are only a few occasions in the year when larger numbers of people come together. Optional for the following models: Henry, Yoho, Onda.

Pull-out system

An extension is achieved by pulling out an integral leaf at one end of the table. The table legs are also pulled out in this case. Optional for Andra.

Synchronous extension

A sophisticated mechanism extends the table synchronously. The table is extended equally at both ends, while its centre remains in the same place. This effortless transformation is possible thanks to a folding insert. This has the advantage that, if there is any lighting located centrally over the table, the lighting situation remains symmetrical. Optional for: Barra and Bela.

Continuous grain

In extendable tables, the extension leaf is always made from the same piece of wood as the tabletop, so that the grain is continuous and the pattern continues in the extension leaf.

Different ways of sitting

A chair all to yourself, a bench shared with others or a sofa you can sink into – there are so many different types of seating.


Swivel seats – for greater comfort

Swivel seats permit greater dynamism and allow you to face the people you are talking to, as well as making sitting down and standing up easier.


When you're sitting on a bench you're free to choose how far away from your neighbour you want to sit, and if there are lots of guests you can always squeeze up.

Dining sofa

A dining sofa with different cushion options is a particularly homely and comfortable solution. It's ideal for enjoying lengthy conversations around the table.