Good reasons to renovate furniture

Manufacturer-independent service for preserving historical materials and treasured quality furniture.

Preserving historic assets

Renovating theatres, concert halls, places of worship, historic hotels, restaurants, castles and stately homes are just some of the projects from which we have received enquiries about overhauling furnishings. In such cases, we usually work with architects to find new technical solutions that meet contemporary acoustic or fire safety requirements.

Tonhalle St. Gallen

The seating in the auditorium of this music and theatre venue in St. Gallen was extremely worn and urgently in need of an overhaul. Girsberger renovated a total of 891 fold-down seats. The frames were sand-blasted and smoothed, then re-varnished, the seats and backs were reupholstered with high-quality flame-retardant foam and fabric covers, and the folding mechanisms were overhauled.

As part of the refurbishment Girsberger added value in terms of acoustics by placing a layer of steel wool onto the back panels and seat panels and then covering this with finely perforated sheet metal before upholstering them so that sound is absorbed in a similar way whether or not there is an audience in the auditorium, thus leaving the acoustics unchanged.

Products worthy of preservation

Even if the furniture is essentially sound, signs of wear and tear on the frame or covering fabric and tired upholstery are going to appear sooner or later. A general overhaul is worthwhile in such cases, particularly if the furniture is of a high quality.

Design classics

This service is manufacturer-independent, and we will be pleased to renovate good mass-produced products made by other manufacturers. That's how design classics last even longer!

Contributing to the circular economy

Extend the lifespan of existing products and help to preserve them instead of throwing them away! That way, you’re acting sustainably, saving resources and actively contributing to the circular economy. Remanufacturing makes a vital contribution to your environmental footprint and has a positive impact on your budget.