Social responsibility

Corporate responsibility towards society has always been a central part of Girsberger's company philosophy. For us, corporate social responsibility stands for social justice, conservation of resources and manufacturing under fair conditions.

Procurement practice – supplier assessment

Whenever possible and economically viable, we source components that we do not manufacture ourselves from suppliers or producers within a radius of 600 km from our production sites. In this way, we ensure that our products are manufactured in a socially and ecologically responsible manner and that they meet our own and our customers' demands for quality and sustainability.

It is in our own interests for our supplier assessments to include not only measurable factors such as quality and compliance with delivery schedules, but also other factors such as flexibility, complaints management, communication and environmental aspects. An environmental relevance analysis of our suppliers documents the presence of structures for systematic improvement and further development. In our procurement activities, Girsberger naturally also endeavours to continually improve resource and energy efficiency, avoid currency risks, and above all cause less harm to the environment by ensuring short transportation distances. (Illustration stand 2020)

Transparent and sustainable supply chain

In order to make the sustainable supply chain and the non-financial values of corporate responsibility transparent, we have submitted to the EcoVadis rating, in which CSR-based assessments are carried out. Girsberger received the 2019 EcoVadis Gold Medal with 65 out of 100 points, placing it in the top 5% of companies in the furniture manufacturing industry certified by EcoVadis in the overall rating.