Working at Home

Home offices are becoming more and more established in our lives. Ergonomists forecast that in the future, 30 to 40% of office work will be done at home, where the balance between functionality and aesthetics is different to that in a corporate office. Girsberger offers comprehensive home office solutions.

Autonomous working

New flexible forms of working and mobile working make it easier to reconcile your professional and personal life – and the home office is currently experiencing a revival. The trend towards autonomous working from home makes sense socially and is a sustainable development. From a functional and aesthetic point of view, the requirements of home office furniture are different to those that apply in a corporate office, and depend greatly on the type and duration of usage.

Short-term work

Requirements vary depending on how frequently we work from home, and for how long. If we only send the occasional e-mail, we can find space for that in the living room, dining room or hall, and a comfortable chair or stool may suffice.

A functional workspace

Different needs arise if you are working from home permanently and intend to have a long-term workspace in a fixed location or a separate room. This increases the demands placed on ergonomic functionality, comfort and dynamic sitting to prevent poor posture and physical problems.

Compact home office solutions

Solid wood console desks with fold-away work surfaces take up very little space. With the work surface folded down they are just 40 cm deep - almost like a sideboard. With it folded out they provide a large workspace which is 80cm deep, large enough to be an ergonomic computer desk with the monitor positioned at a comfortable distance. The back of the desk has two tiers, providing plenty of space for documents, lighting and office accessories.

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