Worn furniture does not necessarily have to be replaced. In many cases, it's worth repairing or restoring. In doing so, you are contributing towards sustainability. And for larger quantities of items, it’s also an attractive financial alternative to buying new. 

A new lease of life!

Maybe you need to keep hold of existing furnishings for aesthetic reasons or their listed status. Or perhaps years of use have left their mark and necessitate a major overhaul – giving colours a facelift, renewing upholstery and refinishing surfaces. And incidentally, product characteristics can even be optimized. In any case, it makes sense to avoid replacing trusty old furniture of a high quality with new items of unknown longevity.

Winner of the German Sustainability Award 2023

With its Remanufacturing solution, Girsberger provides a particularly sustainable service which earned the German Sustainability Award 2023. We are delighted with this accolade and see it as encouragement to continue with this service as part of a circular economy.

Extended service life


Added value and ecology

Get to know us

By maintaining an ongoing dialogue with you, we find the best way to give well-used and valuable furniture a facelift, thereby helping to extend its lifespan. Whether it’s a listed item or a treasured piece of furniture, by refurbishing it, you are making a significant contribution towards sustainability and recycling. We are a reliable partner you can count on!

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Head of Remanufacturing

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Sales Manager

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