Theater St. Gallen, Switzerland

Refurbishment of theatre seating

The St. Gallen theatre was in need of renovation, and the St. Gallen electorate voted in favour of restoring the architectural icon of Swiss Brutalism that was constructed in 1968 and is now a listed building. For technical and structural reasons in particular, the multipurpose building was in need of modernisation after around 50 years of use, as well as being expanded in terms of infrastructure.

In the auditorium, aspects such as acoustics and fire safety were optimised. Girsberger was commissioned with dismantling the 740 or so theatre seats down to their wooden frames and upholstering them in line with new requirements for increased comfort and acoustic properties. The upholstery fabric was chosen to meet heritage preservation requirements, and woven using a more robust technique to match the original.

Museumstrasse 24, St. Gallen, Schweiz

Claude Paillard, CJP Cramer Jaray Paillard Architekten (original building), Gähler Flühler Fankhauser Architekten (restoration)

Room acoustics consulting:
applied acoustics, Gelterkinden

Fire safety:
SJB Kempter Fitze, Gossau

Work carried out:
Seat and back supports overhauled, upholstery and cover fabrics replaced; folding seat hinges replaced, compliance with acoustic, fire safety and heritage preservation criteria, transport logistics, dismantling and assembly, storage and environmentally friendly disposal of old material

Till Forrer (architecture)
Daniel Kuhn / Girsberger (making-of and assembly)