Oval tables

Oval-shaped solid wood tables with various dimensions, types of wood and surface finishes. An oval table shape is ideal when a more elongated space is available but a rectangular shape is not wanted. An oval tabletop has a softer look and can often be a good compromise between a round tabletop and a rectangular one.



Depending on the table model, a central foot or a four-foot frame can be chosen as the supporting structure. The tabletop size is based on the average number of people expected to use the table, with lengths between 160 cm and 340 cm available depending on the model. An extendable table is the right solution if the table needs to be adjustable to accommodate different numbers of people.


Premium solid wood:

Wood is a unique natural material that conveys value and warmth, creates familiarity and is a sustainable resource. With our extensive range of wood and the selection of surface finishes on offer, we can fulfil all of your specific wishes.