Barra Work

A modular structure for the creation of solid wood conference tables.
Design: Atelier I+N
As a range of tables, Barra combines a streamlined form with construction logic. While appearing to float, the tabletop rests on two solid wood beams that provide central support to the tabletop and incorporate the pairs of legs at each end. There is a storage space between the two supporting beams which can be used for media technology elements and cable routing. The tables are primarily used in conference areas, but Barra Work can also serve as a universal working table or team workstation.

How are Girsberger solid wood tables made?

Gain an insight into our solid wood procurement and how our solid wood furniture is made. We’ll show you why wood is more than just a raw material.

Product family

Barra Work
Barra Work Round
Barra, rectangular
Barra, oval
Barra, round
Barra extension table


Atelier I+N

Ismaël and Nathan Studer, born in 1984, completed their studies in industrial design at Lausanne Cantonal Art School (ECAL) in 2010 and 2011. In 2011, they set up their own studio, atelier I+N in Neuchâtel (Switzerland), and devoted themselves primarily to designing furniture.


Steel parts silver coated
Data box with power socket
Flap of data box in wood
Vertical cable conduit


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