Now available with seat shell made of post-consumer recycled material


A luxurious, relaxed and extremely comfortable chair.
Design: Mathias Seiler
Marel is a versatile chair with a highly comfortable, flexible seat and lavishly padded, luxurious upholstery. The striking ridges and slight folds are characteristic. The seat shell within is made of post-consumer recycled material. The slender and light frames place the seat in the spotlight. The four-prong swivel base in black-coated or polished aluminium provides extra movement at the table.

Soft and fluffy

The relaxed look of the upholstery delivers what it promises – a soft, fluffy seat that provides exceptional comfort. The armrests are available either with caps made from solid wood or with a Fenix solid core, or as solid side panels.

A sustainable part of the cycle

Marel has a plastic seat shell that is 100% recycled from polypropylene waste (available from September 2023). The production process starts with packaging waste that is collected in Europe and separated by recycling specialist PreZero in state-of-the-art, fully automated sorting plants and then processed into recycled plastic. An additional 15% fibreglass is incorporated into the recycled material to give the seat shell the required stiffness.

Steel frames are made of semi-finished products that have a high recycling content and are used as steel scrap for new alloys at the end of their product lifetime. The cast aluminium base also has a high average recycling rate of 90% and remains within the materials cycle.

We are also helping to clean up the oceans with the Poseidon fabric cover, which is made of 100% recycled PET. The yarn for the fabric is made using plastic waste from the sea, which is collected and recycled by approved partners of the SEAQUAL INITIATIVE.  

Product family

Four-legged chair
Four-legged chair with armrests
Four-legged chair with side panels
Four-legged chair flat tube
Four-legged chair flat tube with armrests
Four-legged chair flat tube with side panels
Skid-frame chair
Skid-frame chair with armrests
Skid-frame chair with side panels
4-prong base, glides
4-prong base, glides and armrests
4-prong base, glides and side panels
4-prong base, castors
4-prong base, castors and armrests
4-prong base, castors and side panels
4-prong base flat
4-prong base flat with armrests
4-prong base flat with side panels


Mathias Seiler

Born in 1963, he studied industrial design at Hamburg University of Fine Arts under the tutelage of Prof. Dieter Rams. He has worked internationally as a product designer for various renowned furniture makers and has received numerous awards. Mathias Seiler has had overall responsibility for design and marketing at Girsberger since 2010.


Four-legged chair, frame chromium-plated
Skid-frame chair, chromium-plated
4-prong base, polished alu
4-prong base, castors, polished alu
4-prong base flat, polished alu


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