Nava and Marel now available with seat shells made of post-consumer recycled material

From packaging waste to seat shell


The process begins where plastic waste is generated by packaging – in private households and businesses. And this is where the waste is collected, and picked up by disposal companies. The waste is taken to PreZero’s state-of-the-art, fully automated sorting facilities, where it is shredded in multi-stage processes and separated into pure plastic types. For the Nava and Marel seat shells, polypropylene waste is sorted and processed into a versatile virgin-quality recompound that is 100% recycled. An additional 15% fibreglass is added to the recycled material to give the seat shell the required stiffness.

Step 1: Collected plastic waste
Step 2: Shredding
Step 3: Washing and sorting
Step 4: Extrusion and pelleting

Our chairs with recycled seat shells

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