Office and commercial applications

Chair and table solutions for conference and meeting rooms, workspaces, collaboration and team areas, lounges and training rooms.

Work today is multi-faceted. Workspaces are increasingly being designed and implemented in process and project-oriented, activity-based ways. The ideal working environment is multi-optional, offering opportunities to interact and also enjoy some privacy, as required. There are many different aspects to a successful working day. Everyone, whether they are working alone or in a team, also performs in a variety of roles. The new world of work has to provide the ideal stage for these performances. Girsberger's diverse selection of products and solutions satisfies a wide range of requirements, from practical and simple to sophisticated and classy – while always meeting the highest aesthetic and quality standards. You decide how our furniture is used.

Work and communication processes create the foundations for spatial structures, while our furniture helps to make the time spent in offices and commercial settings as pleasant and healthy as possible. Whether you are sitting comfortably and ergonomically correctly at your desk, enjoying comfort, privacy and peace in the lounge, or chatting with colleagues on a stool or bar chair, our products are nothing more than tools that enable you to make the most of your work or social environment.

Virtual showroom

Waiting areas and lounges

Meaningful calling cards: your reception area, boardroom, public areas and own personal office are all a direct expression of your values, esteem, brand and hospitality.


Modularity and comfort combined with clarity are essential characteristics for furnishings in waiting areas. Visitors are particularly aware of design details in such settings.


Sound-absorbing properties and visual discretion are often desired in lounge areas, and enable private conversations to take place. As quieter spaces, they provide a much-needed opportunity to switch off.

Zoning spaces

Particularly in large, open-plan areas, furniture can be used to create structured micro-architecture. Lounge furniture, panels and groups of seats offer a new quality here, adding greater privacy and acoustic protection.

Conference and meeting

The fundamental task of offices is to facilitate communication: conferences, meetings, presentations and informal discussions and encounters.

Spontaneous meetings and ad-hoc discussions

High tables and high chairs that can quickly be moved and enable meetings to be held at eye level, whether seated or standing, are a particular asset. What's more, they enable changes of posture while sitting or standing, which has ergonomic benefits.


For presentations and longer meetings with a larger number of attendees, separate rooms are needed with suitable furniture and appropriate technical equipment. Electric cabling of table systems, sideboards and ergonomic conference chairs are key furnishing elements here. Girsberger delivers solutions for all types of meeting room through to furnishing exclusive, high-end boardrooms.

Office work and concentrated individual work

Certain tasks are best completed in peace and quiet, while seated. An ergonomic swivel chair is key to healthy extended periods of sitting.


In focus

If our body is supported in an ergonomic adjustable chair, it is easier for us to tackle intellectual tasks. Office seating should meet specific requirements optimally, thereby facilitating the body’s urge to move.


When focussed on individual work and sitting down for long periods of time, we are supported by a synchronic mechanism and many personalized setting options, from height adjustment, tilt functionality and arm rests through to 3D functions. If we are only using our chair temporarily, we are happy if it only needs minimal adjustment.

Collaboration and informal communication

Collaboration in the form of team, group and project work, presentations, seminars and training courses requires a wide variety of scenarios and appropriate furniture solutions.

Simple, mobile and durable

Where many people meet and there are lots of comings and goings, the priority for furniture is for it to be easy to move, adjustable and adaptable to different situations. The option of row seating and the ability to stack and store chairs are also frequent requirements for meeting rooms and function rooms.


Comfortable solutions for break zones, catering and recreation rooms are important, since informal discussions in particular can generate important stimuli. Girsberger tables and chairs can be optimally combined for such applications.

Training and courses

Information and training events are always good opportunities for people to meet one another. Suitable tables and chairs can be rapidly combined in line with the expected number of participants – either as row seating in an auditorium or seminar seating with writing tables.


We offer linkable models especially for row seating. These are stackable and can be quickly organized and stored on a caddie.

Mobile and comfortable

Comfort and flexibility should not be overlooked when it comes to teamwork and training. A wide variety of swivel chairs on castors are suitable for this purpose. Participants can quickly form groups by moving around on their chairs.