Modell 1600

Modell 1600 lounge chair – a classic from the company's archives, reinterpreted.
Design: Girsberger Werksdesign 1961
Some furniture designs work so well that they continue to inspire decades later. First produced in 1963, Modell 1600 is still regarded as a particularly pure example of classical modernism. The frame is made of solid chromium-plated flat steel. Stretchable fabric straps and soft upholstered cushions provide comfort and support. A stool and a glass or laminate-topped side table are also available to complement the chair.
Loungesessel mit hellem Leder gepolstert, Seitenansicht
Sessel mit hellem Leder gepolstert, Gestell verchromt, Frontansicht

The constant demand for the Modell 1600 from Germany led Girsberger to establish its own production facility in Endingen in 1963 and thus the first foreign subsidiary. Initially, almost only this chair was produced there.

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Side table with glass top
Side table with solid core top


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