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Einblick in die Ausstellung Repair Revolution

Exhibition Repair Revolution

An exhibition at the Museum für Gestaltung Zürich, Toni-Areal, presents a selection of what already exists, together with a vision of a future “repair society” as a contrast to the current throwaway…

New Poseidon fabric: Helping clean up the oceans

Poseidon, the new addition to our range, is an environmentally friendly fabric that comes in a wide selection of colours. The yarn for the fabric is made from 100% recycled polyester that incorporates…

Unconventional seating for the Switzerland Innovation Park Basel Area

In collaboration with Swiss designer Björn Ischi, Girsberger created the reception furniture for one of the four locations, the newly opened Main Campus in Allschwil.

Girsberger Remanufacturing named winner of the German Sustainability Award 2023

The manufacturer-independent service Girsberger Remanufacturing offers updates of ageing furniture, optimises product properties, extends the service life of high-quality furniture and conserves…

Alteo – multifunctional folding table for agile working

Alteo can be used in many different ways, and is particularly suited to flexible project and team working areas. However, it is also perfect for conference and meeting areas that need to be rearranged…

Conference table system with a beer glaze

This conference table system is a unique solution of a very special kind. How can a seamless 20-metre table possibly be delivered to a meeting room without suitably sized doors or windows?

Lotte, Chairs with armrests for the elderly

"Lotte" is a chair with armrests created by designer Sarah Hossli for her Master's degree at ECAL, Lausanne – in cooperation with the Neubad multigenerational house in Basel and Girsberger Customized…

Upcycling desks to create home-office furniture

It's upcycling at its best: old desks stored in the warehouse of a large company were taken to pieces and the tabletops were cut up and reused to produce completely new items of furniture.

Tely, Room-in-room modules for open-plan offices

Office layouts with open-plan areas mean there is a need for private spaces. Superdraft Studio got together with Girsberger Customized Furniture to develop the idea of Tely specifically for telephone…