Our range of solutions

Our portfolio covering the four business areas of Office, Home, Customized Furniture and Remanufacturing consists of a wide variety of all-embracing furnishing solutions. We offer an extensive range of furniture for office and commercial settings, high-quality products for the dining room and home office, the customized manufacture of fixtures and also furniture renovation.

Maximum benefits for our customers

Tailor-made interdisciplinary solutions enable us to meet your requirements perfectly. Whether it’s a new acquisition, a specially manufactured item or renovated furniture – your wishes can be realized in our workshops thanks to the close teamwork of craftspeople and their collaboration with additional specialists.

Integral concepts

Ideal interaction: the products and solutions within our Office, Home, Customized Furniture and Remanufacturing sectors form an ideal palette that can be used to cover the many facets of high-quality interior design, from new facilities to listed renovation projects. This enables architects, interior designers and planners to optimally implement their own ideas, while taking account of aesthetics and quality, as well as factoring in sustainability.

Statement regarding sustainability and ecology

When developing new products and solutions, we focus on sustainability, quality and functionality. This includes aspects such as durability and an ageless stylistic idiom. Certifications and awards bear witness to our commitment.