Repairs and service

Our repair and associated services will endow your furniture products with an extended lease of life. Be it a freshening up of upholstery and fabric coverings, or of wooden surfaces: your enquiry will be worthwhile!

Signs of wear and tear over the course of a long product life are not unusual when furniture is used frequently or heavily. What should be done when seat cushions become worn through after many years of use, chair mechanisms no longer work properly, or glides and castors become defective? Girsberger offers you repairs at affordable prices. Depending on your location, the complexity of the task or the time involved, a service technician will either visit you, or the work, if more involved, will be carried out in our workshops.

Specialist services: Leather repairs and cleaning

Did you know that it is possible to repair leather chairs and leather upholstery? This process involves the removal of abrasions, the repair of depressions, the gluing of cuts as well as the re-conditioning and re-sealing of leather surfaces.

Fabric care

The professional cleaning of all types of fabric coverings will also restore a well-kept appearance to seating furniture. The fabric type and the degree of soiling will determine which cleaning agents and methods are used. Cleaned fabrics are always impregnated with a fabric and upholstery protector by our service specialists as a final step. Regular, preventive cleaning with professional care products is important to keep the fabric coverings of your upholstered furniture looking clean and cared for over many years.

All care products for fabric and leather covers can also be conveniently ordered online from Leather Care Keller  You will also find care tips on this website, or you can call the service hotline directly on +49 800 962 52 52 for advice. All the care products for fabric and leather are available from the website.

Wooden surfaces

We also repair scratches, varnish and paintwork damage, as well as other types of damage to solid wooden surfaces.  However, since prevention is better than repair, we recommend special care and, in the case of oiled solid wood tables, suitable regular maintenance. You have received the most appropriate care instructions and care products with your furniture. Please only use non-abrasive cleaning materials like cotton cloths and do not use microfibre cloths.

If you have any questions about removing stubborn stains, scratches and other damage, please call our Internal Sales Department on +41 62 958 58 58 or e-mail them.

You can also order new care sets or care oils for maintaining solid wood surfaces here.

Girsberger solid wood care service

One of our specialists will recondition and refurbish your oiled solid wood table in your home – no matter which manufacturer made the table.

This service costs CHF 380.- and includes the following:

  • Fixed charge for travel expenses
  • General assessment of your table
  • Sanding the entire solid wood surface manually using a fleece sanding pad
  • Oiling the entire solid wood surface with a natural linseed oil 
  • Inspection of all technical connections and functions (including extension systems) 

This service is currently only available in Switzerland and applies only to oiled solid wood tables. To book an appointment for our service professional to visit you, or for more information, just give us a call: +41 62 958 58 58 or e-mail us.

In the Netherlands, Belgium and Luxembourg, oiling of solid wood furniture is available on request. For more information, please call: +31 20 6968197 or send an e-mail.

This manufacturer-independent option may also be of interest to you in cases of larger order volumes:

Get in touch with us – because restoration and repairs are economical and sustainable!

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