Virtual showroom

On this tour, discover complete furnishing solutions for your working environment


Working, meeting and relaxing – that's the reason we develop and manufacture seating solutions such as swivel chairs, conference and lounge furniture, complementary furniture and solutions for home offices. Changes in working culture are constantly calling for new application perspectives. For all these scenarios, Girsberger offers products and solutions that meet high standards in terms of form and function, high-class materials, quality and durability.

The office – or the new working world of tomorrow

Depending on the corporate culture and type of occupation involved, many different types of work and therefore types of workplace exist in parallel. Technical achievements are making mobile working possible, and offices are needed primarily for the purposes of communication, teamwork and, of course, creating a good image. But it must still be possible to carry out focussed work and find quiet spaces in them.

Individual workstations

Individual needs can be optimally considered at personalized workstations. This is the case for managers’ offices, home offices and administrators’ desks that have their own perfectly adjusted functional swivel chair. Matching conference and visitors’ chairs from the same chair family supplement the furniture options here.

Open-plan offices

If several people share an office or even a hot desk, this calls for furniture that is more adaptable and resilient, while at the same time being easy to operate. This also applies to team-working spaces, co-working arrangements and occasionally used seating at standing workstations.

Bringing people together

There are many different ways of supporting meetings with stools, standing aids, chairs and tables, and facilitating informal communication in individual work environments, central areas, thoroughfares and break rooms.