Remanufacturing is a manufacturer-independent service. The workflow is dictated by the basic circumstances of your renovation project with the mutual agreement of both parties and depending on the complexity of the job.

Complex workflows

We start with an on-site consultation. In the case of major renovation work, we gain an insight into the overall project and the architectural, temporal and organizational constraints. Since several trades are usually involved, these clarifications are fundamental in determining the way forward. If the job involves renovating portable mass-produced products, all we require for the initial appraisal is a sample item of furniture.

Preparing a proposal

Based on all these findings, we prepare a proposal. This factors in a coordinated project workflow and service from a single source – from collecting the furniture through to its delivery and acceptance.

Single or phased implementation?

We gear ourselves entirely according to the needs of your project. If it involves a theatre, concert hall, auditorium or restaurant, we can renovate the furniture in phases. Indeed, at KKL Lucerne, we even carried out all the work in mobile container workshops during ongoing operations at the centre. The folding chairs were immediately re-fitted after being renovated.

Vertical integration

Our service is based on the fact that we combine the artisanal skills of all the necessary trades – removal, joinery, metalworking, assembly, upholstery and lacquering all form part of our manufacturing operations.

Diverse manufacturing expertise

Special knowledge is often required, particularly when projects involve historic furniture or listed items. To develop new attributes, for example in relation to acoustics or fire safety, and to develop particular surface treatments, we draw on external specialists from our network and carry out numerous tests.

Get in touch

By maintaining an ongoing dialogue with you, we find the best way to give well-used and valuable furniture a facelift, thereby helping to extend its lifespan. Whether it’s a listed item or a treasured piece of furniture, by refurbishing it, you are making a significant contribution towards sustainability and recycling. We are a reliable partner you can count on!

Thomas Hirschi
Head of Customized Furniture

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Dominic Heselschwerdt
Sales Manager Remanufacturing

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