We are Girsberger

enduring – competitive – passionate – committed

Girsberger has forged the relationship between tradition and transformation since 1889. We are continuing to develop our company in a value-conscious, dynamic and profit-focused manner in order to be able to retain our entrepreneurial freedom also in the future. We take entrepreneurial freedom primarily as a responsibility. The responsibility to balance economic success, social fairness and environmental protection with creativity, courage and tenacity.

Having production sites in several European countries, we are an international manufacturing and logistics network. Consequently, our daily work brings us into contact with people from different backgrounds, cultures, religions and languages. We share a sense of unity that is brought about by tolerance, open-mindedness, flexibility and friendly collaboration. Our numerous traineeships in various trades and professions serve to promote the twin streams of vocational training and higher education.

Our unique corporate culture unites us, and we are all proud to be "Girsberger".

enduring …

Our products are designed to provide many years of use and joy across generations. We provide our customers with the reassurance that Girsberger products are manufactured with great care and in an environmentally friendly manner under progressive, socially equitable employment conditions. Our production is climate-neutral since 2015.


competitive …

We benchmark ourselves against the best. Technical expertise, agility and precision in planning, design and manufacturing are what set us apart. This results in outstanding performances and innovative business models that will tap into new demand and customer segments.

passionate …

The passion for our products is reflected in the necessary degree of curiosity, vigilance and courage to anticipate changes in technology and society. In order to allow our employees to fully reach their achievement potentials, they are given a large amount of freedom to decide and operate as independently as possible. As a learning community, we continuously review our products and processes.

committed …

Commitment that is personally guaranteed remains at the core of our corporate and management philosophy. All employees see themselves primarily as part of a greater whole. They are fully committed to Girsberger's quality standards and to the total satisfaction of our customers.

our values

A focus on the future and profitability

Our thinking and actions are focused on profitability. We then use the revenues generated to make investments, plan further projects and so secure our future.

Responsibility towards society and the environment

We operate in a cost-efficient manner, yet also uphold our obligations towards the environ-ment and society. Girsberger is committed to respecting international human rights and labour standards in accordance with the "Girsberger Declaration of Principles Ethics & Human Rights". The "Girsberger Environmental Guidelines" form the framework for our company's attitude and responsibility to protect the environment.

Personal initiative

We do not sit back and respond to events, but instead will always act on our own initiative, with foresight and responsibility.

Trust through openness

We communicate openly and in good time about important matters as a basic prerequisite for our trusting cooperation.


We always behave politely and fairly. We strive to act fairly in our dealings internally within the company, with business partners and all external persons with whom we are in contact.


We don't talk about each other, but with each other. We state what we will do and do what we have said.


We set ourselves ambitious goals, but only promise what we can deliver. We see the promises we make as a personal commitment.

Safety and legal compliance

We do everything we can to keep our promises and achieve our work targets. However, never at the expense of safety and never in contravention of law and order.