Production expertise

The synergy between different artisanal disciplines, our many years of manufacturing experience and our practised project management are what constitute the virtuosity of the Customized Furniture business unit.

Joinery/wood working

The processing of solid wood is one of our core skills. Our joiners have outstanding expertise and our in-house timber business has access to the very best procurement opportunities. Our solid-wood experts buy, refine and manage high-grade European timber. Since we oversee cutting in the sawmill ourselves, it is possible to create planks of particular thicknesses and lengths.

Metal construction

Metal parts can be crafted quickly and easily in our metalworking workshops so that they fit with other carpentry or upholstery components.


As we also mass produce furniture, we have our own high-performance upholstery department. We know what stresses furniture in public and commercial areas undergoes, so we take your furniture design and create high-quality upholstery for you by sandwiching together different types of foam, thus ensuring the seating remains extremely comfortable for many years.

Surface finishing

We use only the highest quality lacquers and oils. If our standard furniture lacquer is not appropriate or you have a specific requirement, we work with our suppliers to develop a suitable surface finish. In this way we achieve not just the desired look and feel, but also the required robustness and abrasion resistance.

Specialist partners

We can undertake many tasks ourselves in our workshops – but not all, so we have a network of highly specialized partners we can call on when required. We always assume overall responsibility and coordinate all work, so for you, everything is supplied and assembled by a single source.


Unusual projects and formats call for unusual solutions. We supply finished furniture that is suitably packaged for transport.

It is important for us to be familiar with the architectural surroundings in order to construct individual furniture components so they can be assembled and dismantled. Functional testing and acceptance take place on the customer’s premises.