Tables for lounge areas
Design: Mathias Seiler
Tala is a table range specially designed for the seating heights of lounge chairs and sofas. The range comprises a side table and a round table, as well as Tala Low with extra storage space. The compact side table can be used to accommodate drinks, documents, or even a laptop that needs to be conveniently within reach. The Tala round table is well-suited for relaxed encounters in the lounge, or for informal meetings. All tables incorporate a round receptacle for writing instruments and accessories, created as a result of the steel tube protruding through the tabletop. The frames are made of black coated steel, while the tabletops can be either solid oak, solid walnut or white or black high-pressure laminate (HPL) panels. Tala Low, with its tabletop height of 27 cm, is available in a choice of white or black HPL for the storage panel.
Tisch für den Loungebereich
Tisch für den Loungebereich
 Round container for writing utensils and accessories

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Tala round table
Tala side table
Tala Low


Mathias Seiler

Born in 1963, he studied industrial design at Hamburg University of Fine Arts under the tutelage of Prof. Dieter Rams. He has worked internationally as a product designer for various renowned furniture makers and has received numerous awards. Mathias Seiler has had overall responsibility for design and marketing at Girsberger since 2010.


Tabletop american walnut
Tabletop oak
Solid core panel black
Solid core panel white


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