G 125

Reinventing the wooden swivel chair – after a company history of 125 years.
Design: Mathias Seiler
G 125 is a reinterpretation of the traditional wooden swivel chair. It evokes the early days when Girsberger made a name for itself as a specialist for chairs with its height-adjustable piano stools. The key element is simplicity – the chair has just a few functions and options for adjustment. It is thus a counterweight to modern swivel chairs, whose functions and options are being continuously expanded, but which appeal less and less to our senses. A beautiful chair for the home office, as a conference chair, or for exclusive waiting areas.
Schreibtischstuhl G 125 mit Rückenlehne in Eiche und rotem Sitzpolster
Bürostuhl G 125 Seitenansicht

Mesh-covered moulded wooden ring

The seat is made of either an upholstered seat board or a moulded wooden ring with transparent mesh covering, while the backrest is made of steam-moulded solid wood. The G 125 comes with either wooden feet or steel feet on castors.

Steam-moulded wood

A unique characteristic of the chair is its back made of steam-moulded wood. Its U-shaped seat and backrest functions as a flexible torsion rod and allows the seat and back to rock comfortably – without any sophisticated tilting mechanism.

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Mathias Seiler

Born in 1963, he studied industrial design at Hamburg University of Fine Arts under the tutelage of Prof. Dieter Rams. He has worked internationally as a product designer for various renowned furniture makers and has received numerous awards. Mathias Seiler has had overall responsibility for design and marketing at Girsberger since 2010.

Product family

G 125 with wooden feet and mesh seat
G 125 with wooden feet and upholstered seat
G 125 with 5-prong base, mesh seat
G 125 with 5-prong base, upholstered seat


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