An office swivel chair with an innovative slat system and mesh cover.
Design: Dieter Stierli
The Reflex swivel chair has an innovative backrest with an elastic mesh cover and a flexible slat system. This combination of mesh and slats enables the backrest to adapt to the user's anatomy while providing support for the back where needed. Thanks the synchronous mechanism's two-joint kinematics, it moves in perfect harmony with the body when the user leans back. For visitor seating the Connexion cantilever chair is available.

Product family

Reflex 1, mesh
Reflex 1 with footrest, mesh
Reflex 2, upholstered
Reflex 2 with headrest, mesh
Connexion cantilever chair, mesh
Connexion cantilever chair, upholstered


Dieter Stierli

Following an apprenticeship as a cabinetmaker in Basel, Dieter Stierli attended the Kunstgewerbeschule arts and crafts college in Zurich. After spells working solo, he came to Girsberger, where he turned his focus more towards industrial design.
By the time he retired in 2010, Dieter Stierli had spent more than thirty years designing numerous seats and tables for offices and living spaces. He was also responsible for developing the company's corporate design.


2D T-shaped armrests
3D T-shaped armrestes / 4D T-shaped armrests
2D ring-shaped armrests
Lumbar support
Coat hanger


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