Baufritz, Erkheim, Germany

Rotatable multimedia lounge area for a concept house by Alfredo Häberli

Girsberger has created a ceiling-high terraced seating area for the „Haussicht“ concept house by designer Alfredo Häberli. The structure forms the centrepiece of the property's library, is rotatable and helps provide the desired change of perspective. In designing the house, Häberli has created a generation-spanning concept and, with it, rooms that can evolve over an extended period of time.

Erkheim, Germany

Alfredo Häberli Design Development

Multimedia terraced seating area (Media-Koje) based on functional and design specifications

Daniel Kuhn, Jonas Kuhn

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Distinctive features:
Delivery and installation presented a challenge. The furniture was manufactured in individual components and assembled on site. It had to be delivered through the window, with the aid of a telescopic handler.

The piece of furniture weighs two tonnes, yet can be easily rotated by hand. To achieve this, the Girsberger design engineers developed a type of turntable mounted on ball- and roller-bearings which is concealed beneath the structure.