Parkhotel Beau Site, Zermatt

A variety of furniture for several restaurants and custom solutions

The new design for the interiors of the lobby, bar and two restaurants by Atelier Zürich was realized over the course of a renovation which took place over just six weeks. The design was a balancing act between the hotel's original Belle Époque style and the businesslike character of the interior. The new colour scheme and choice of materials make reference to the historical era, to the colours of the mountain landscape and also to mountaineering, which was a formative influence in Zermatt's development. 

Zermatt, Switzerland

Atelier Zürich / Claudia Silberschmidt

Extensive upholstery work, bench seating, dining tables and bench tables, serving stations

Martin Guggisberg


Girsberger Customized Furniture realized a large number of furniture items in great, detailed variety: in order to provide pleasant places to sit and a soft touch to the cushions, high-quality foams were used for the opulent upholstery with a sandwich design. Other special features are the authentic quilting, the use of a wide variety of fabric qualities – all pattern matched – in combination with welted seams, fringing and trimmings.

Rolled-up blankets and cushions with leather straps capture the aesthetics of old-fashioned backpacks. In addition, room dividers, large bench seats, dining and bench tables, serving stations and an integrated bench seat and table for the smoking lounge were realized. The tabletops were mostly brushed and stained to give them a patina.