Hotel Villa Maria, Lucerne, Switzerland

La grande bellezza

Daniel Hunziker designed an exclusive furniture line for transforming a 1950s guesthouse into a contemporary city hotel, providing the eight rooms and suites of the Hotel Villa Maria Lucerne with a series of new furniture items characterised by simplicity and elegance. The restrained design of the “VM Collection” is contrasted by colourful curtains and objects of Murano glass.


The designer closely studied the villa’s year of construction and the design trends of the time in his search for inspiration for the design identity of Villa Maria, and with a view to integrating selected elements from the 1950s into a contemporary concept.  Daniel Hunziker describes his chosen approach as “bold, fresh and modern,” based on his goal of creating a self-confident image for the hotel.

The VM Collection includes multifunctional modules that combine wardrobe and minibar with seating or a table, as well as cupboards and beds with integrated lighting. The collection was produced with veneered multiplex panels in Girsberger’s workshops using joinery, upholstery and metal construction.

Lucerne, Switzerland

Daniel Hunziker Design Identity AG, Zurich, Switzerland

Realisation of various designs for hotel room furniture an exclusive “VM Collection” with beds, wardrobe/storage combinations, wall elements in combination with seating and writing areas, as well as integrated lighting. 

Michel Kiwic