Museum für Gestaltung, Zürich

Filing cabinets and platforms for the design collection

The design collection held by the Museum für Gestaltung Zürich is of international importance. In the over 150 years since the museum was opened, the number of objects from the disciplines of art and craft, graphic and textile design and furniture and product design has risen to above half a million. Around 2,000 selected exhibits are now on display for visitors in the permanent exhibition on Museumsstrasse.


Alfredo Häberli

Filing cabinets and platforms as part of the exhibition

Museum für Gestaltung Zürich


A place to enjoy beautiful, useful and/or curious everyday objects. A steel filing cabinet designed by Alfredo Häberli and manufactured by Girsberger has 130 drawers that pull out in all directions, together with a selection of glass viewing panels. These provide the ideal opportunity for visitors to experience the items on display according to their own individual interests.

A raised platform with a seamless coating to match the filing cabinet stands in a central location, and can be used to display larger exhibits such as the SBB station clock.