Positive Thinking Company, Geneva, Switzerland

Customized workspaces

Atelier Nova designed office space covering a total of 800 m², with open-plan areas as well as private spaces. The aim of the interior design is to support the software developers' creativity and productivity. Girsberger implemented many of the customized solutions based on the architects' specifications.

Positive Thinking Company is a Swiss IT engineering company specializing in content & process automation, software development, digital transformation and IT security. The technological solutions are fully tailored to the needs of the customers. And the company wanted the new workspaces to be just as personalized as their solutions.

Atelier Nova designed the workspaces, which cover a total of 800 m², with open-plan areas and private spaces. Four "telephone booths" offer the chance for some privacy. The creative developers also have a type of games room featuring large beanbags, wooden amphitheatre-style seating with cushions, as well as padded recesses.

The interior was designed to support both a productive and creative work ethic as well as an easy-going feeling of leisure to encourage inspiration. Overall, the area provides space for 80 people who share a common motto: serial gamers, serial workers! Girsberger Customized Furniture proved that even work environments do not always have to have standard furnishings – quite the opposite, in fact: customized solutions can be the best choice, especially in cases where process flows, corporate design and quality play a major role.

Concept and design
François Blondel et Didier Jordan, Atelier Nova, Lausanne

Central core element in the office space with integrated cupboards, lockers and kitchen unit;
acoustically effective upholstered bunks with small tables for private meetings, custom-made work tables with cut-outs for plants, multi-level pedestal bench with three tiers of wood and privacy screens

Project photos
Daniela Droz & Tonatiuh Ambrosetti Photographers