Swiss Lounges, Dock E, Zurich Airport

Benches and reclining loungers for a multi-zone concept.

Greutmann Bolzern designed an innovative multi-zone concept with special furniture for the SWISS lounges in Dock E at Zurich Airport. As well as a range of benches, the collaboration with Girsberger also produced 19 loungers which can be reclined from an upright position for reading to a horizontal position.

Swiss Air, Zurich Airport, Switzerland

Greutmann Bolzern Designstudio

Seating and reclining loungers based on design specifications

Valentin Jeck (project photos)
Daniel Kuhn (prototypes)


The key design challenge involved developing a smooth pivot mechanism that would stop gently in both positions. With the aid of prototypes, the reclining process was optimized multiple times and perfected. The U-shaped partitions which enclose each reclining lounger offer privacy and a buffer from any surrounding noise, but also feature integrated electric cabling with a reading light and power sockets to charge batteries.