Dählhölzli Zoo restaurant, Berne

Refurbishment of solid wood dining tables

After years of heavy use, the furniture in the restaurant at the popular Dählhölzli Zoo in Berne was showing clear signs of wear and tear. Although the chairs had reached the end of their useful life and were irreparably damaged, the solid beech tables were suitable for complete refurbishment.

Bern, Switzerland

Refurbishment of wooden tables

Daniel Kuhn


In several stages the specialists at Girsberger reglued and sandblasted the table frames and machine sanded the tabletops. Finally, the tables, which were originally stained brown, were coated with a durable and highly UV resistant varnish. Having renovated a total of 47 tables including the regulars' table, Girsberger then supplied new solid wood chairs to complete the look.