Tharad care centre, Derendingen, Switzerland

Overhaul of chairs and armchairs in a care home

The Tharad care centre, which has over eighty rooms, a dementia care residential unit and a restaurant open to the public, was recently renovated and extended. During the refurbishment, the materials and colours inside the existing building were updated to match those in the new building. The existing chairs did not fit into the new colour concept, the wood was damaged and the seats sagged.

Derendingen, Switzerland

Overhaul of chairs and armchairs

Daniel Kuhn

However, as they were high quality furniture items, Girsberger overhauled and refurbished them rather than replacing them. First, a sample chair was sand blasted, given three coats of varnish, then restuffed and reupholstered.

Pleased with the result, the care centre gave the go-ahead for a total of 277 ordinary chairs and 34 high-back chairs to be refurbished in the same way. Girsberger provided replacement chairs while the work was carried out.