Upcycling desks to create home-office furniture

It's upcycling at its best: old desks stored in the warehouse of a large company were taken to pieces and the tabletops were cut up and reused to produce completely new items of furniture. A sensitive use of resources combined with a completely new type of design task are what set this unique project by Girsberger Remanufacturing apart. The approach resulted in the creation of transportable tables for home offices. 

It all started with the question of whether old office furniture could be used to make something new, practical and functional, in light of the pandemic-induced trend towards working from home. For this task, Girsberger Remanufacturing got in touch with the designer Björn Ischi to work on a design based entirely on this sustainable idea.

The idea resulted in 70% of the MDF tabletops being reused to make the new product. The core was used to create a new, ergonomic tabletop measuring 120 x 75 cm and featuring a cable hole. The base consists of an elegant round-tube frame that is foldable and can be secured with a set of lashing straps.

An attachment made of the same material can also be added and used in two different positions – either as a screen to attach notes to, for example, or as a front panel. This clever new furniture solution is now available to employees as a transportable furnishing solution for their offices at home.

Björn Ischi

Upcycling based on old desks, development of a new working table with a folding frame for home offices

André Bolliger

With the Upcycling by Design method, the designer Björn Ischi is going one key step further by incorporating product design skills into the draft phase of remanufacturing. Upcycling by Design enables old and seemingly worthless products to gain a new lease of life as well as a new look.