Bützberg, 19 October 2023

Ategra is available as a functional swivel chair and conference chair with a synchronous mechanism and various frames, as well as a high stool. The compact synchronous mechanism allows for plenty of movement while sitting, and automatically adjusts to the user’s weight, as the seat and backrest follow the user's movements in synch with their body. The seat is height- and depth-adjustable, and the backrest is also height-adjustable for accurate support of the lower back.

The backrest bar, which also functions as an armrest, has a knob on the back that is used to adjust the back height. The synchronous mechanism allows for a generous backrest tilt that can be locked in position, with a height- and depth adjustable seat that tilts in synch with the body.

Design: Alejandro Valdés

Ategra is available as an office or conference swivel chair in various frame designs in aluminium and plastic, and with a choice of black or white for the plastic backrest bar.


As a high stool with 5-prong base, Ategra is suitable for use at high tables and is available with foot ring or footrest.


Detail image of seat depth adjustment (left) and the synchronised tilt of the seat and backrest when reclining (right).


The plastic backrest bar ...

... is available or black ...

... or white.

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