A floating surface supported by a slender structure:
the “Barra” table can take you to great lengths

The new “Barra” table designed by Nathan and Ismaël Studer creates a clear, elegant look. Its key design features are a supporting beam made of solid wood and its angled legs.


Bützberg, 14 January 2019

The new Barra table designed by Nathan and Ismaël Studer gives the impression of a floating surface on top of a slender supporting structure. Its key feature is a solid-wood beam that supports the tabletop and incorporates a pair of legs at each end. The angled legs provide the table with excellent stability. It is available in any length from 160 cm to 400 cm, with its width of between 90 cm and 115 cm being defined by its robust table legs, which are 10 mm thick and made of black powder-coated steel.
“Barra” is also suitable for conference and office use, and can be configured as a large-scale modular system for this purpose. For this area of use, a variety of panel shapes and sizes are available as well as a selection of accessories.
“Barra” is available in all types of wood and surface finishes in the Girsberger solid wood collection.

Design: Nathan und Ismael Studer

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