Velum – the business lounge by Girsberger

“Velum” is a modular, space-creating business lounge range and will be unveiled at the Designers’ Saturday 2018. It is based on a solid wood frame combined with stretched textile panels, which can be used to create zones and private areas within a larger space. The “Velum” concept satisfies a growing demand for a more homely look and greater privacy in office settings and its various modules can be combined in many different ways. Warm-looking wood and curtain-like panels are the most striking features of “Velum”. The design is by renowned Swiss design studio atelier oï.



Bützberg, 02.11.2018

New Office: Increasingly, people are organizing their daily routine according to their needs, making decisions on what needs doing next and choosing the best place to complete that task. The sober office environment of the past is being shunned in favour of a more homely look, emotional warmth and greater variety, and we are seeing all sorts of new configurations. Nowadays, an office must be cosy and homely, and Girsberger is responding to this need with the modular, space-creating business lounge range “Velum”.
“Girsberger has great expertise in processing solid wood, so we chose horizontal and vertical solid wood sections which serve as a frame, support the panels and appear to encase the seat and back upholstery,” says Aurel Aebi of atelier oï about the design. “The business lounge has a deliberate simplicity. The way we see it, simplicity has an aesthetic quality all of its own.”

Girsberger positioned itself as a specialist in solid wood office furniture with the “Akio” table range and the workshop stool “Model 111/112” and has continued along this route with “Velum”. The pleated fabrics of the panels form a stark contrast to the light oak, creating a homely appearance with the look of a curtain to afford privacy. The effect is enhanced by the three-dimensional pleated structure of the fabric, which offers particularly effective sound insulation.
“Velum” is particularly at home in waiting and reception areas, business lounges, break areas and the central zones of office spaces.
Individual armchairs, two-seaters and three-seaters can be combined to create a micro-architecture using connecting panels. Stools, side tables and working tables round out this furniture system. The primary wood is oak and a range of suitable Girsberger fabrics can be chosen for the upholstery and panels.

Design: atelier oï


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