Simplex 3D – multifunctional swivel chair with three-dimensional movement

At the 2018 Designers’ Saturday in Langenthal, Girsberger is presenting the “Simplex 3D” swivel chair. The main features of the chair are its three-dimensional movement, ease of operation and varied uses. At this key biennial event on the architecture and design scene, the innovative chair by greutmann bolzern designstudio will be showcased in all its facets and will even star in a special performance staged during a tour of the Girsberger factory. Its features and potential uses make “Simplex 3D” the perfect fit with the motto of this year’s event “improve – share – connect”.



Bützberg, 02.11.2018

“Simplex 3D” is a universal, multifunctional swivel chair combining simple and intuitive operation with three-dimensional movement. It is intended mainly for temporary use at sitting, standing, collaboration and project workstations, in the increasingly mobile and process-driven modern working environment.
Over the course of the design process at greutmann bolzern, the initial design impetus of a sitting ball evolved into a movable chair with a backrest and multiple seating positions. The need for three-dimensional movement was a key consideration and was solved by an innovative seating mechanism designed by Girsberger. Urs Greutmann: “Because of the newly-emerging office concepts, we have less need of functional swivel chairs with advanced ergonomics and greater need of easy-to-use and diverse seating options. Other than the height adjustment, we have omitted all the operating elements.” The “Simplex 3D” can be sat on from all sides, in lots of different postures, allowing maximum physical freedom of movement. Because it is easy to operate, it is ideal for temporary use in many different settings. For Carmen Greutmann-Bolzern, a feminine design vocabulary was important – a female touch: “In the era I was looking to for inspiration, Chanel was showcasing brand new fashion designs: black on top and white on the bottom and vice versa. That’s what gave us the idea for a bi-colour design.”

A pilot study by the Federal Institute of Technology (ETH) Zurich's Laboratory for Movement Biomechanics successfully showed that the Simplex's integrated 3D mechanism can promote more dynamic sitting.
As well as intuitive movement options, the “Simplex 3D” brings a homely touch to the work environment.The chair is available in a choice of six colours. With the tapered connecting element between seat and backrest and the option of two colours, the chair creates real impact. The legs are available in polished or black aluminium as well as black plastic and there is also a high stool version with foot bar.

Design: greutmann bolzern

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