Commercial employee

Comprehensive basis for a variety of tasks within a company
Training location: Bützberg / CH

At Girsberger we see an apprenticeship as a commercial employee as basic training after which trainees can specialize in areas they have skills or a personal interest in. In their three-year training period, our apprentices work in six different departments. At the start of your training you will welcome visitors at reception and speak to customers on the phone, coordinate supplier orders and become acquainted with internal structures and our operating system. After that you will spend a semester in each of these areas: back-office sales and customer services for our Office and Home business areas, finance and accounting. You will not only carry out many interesting tasks as part of day-to-day operations, but also special tasks that allow you to gain experience beyond your usual field of work.

Duration of apprenticeship: 3 years

Commerce is the right vocation for you if you:

are interested in computer work, enjoy speaking to people and have a flair for language. We communicate in spoken and written German and French on a daily basis and in English in some departments. You should enjoy working meticulously and be good at organizing. You must be reliable and motivated.

«I really enjoy working at Girsberger because I've been completely integrated into the team, the tasks are exciting, and I really love the furniture. We create high-quality products, sell them all over the world, and I get to work on lots of interesting special orders. It's a great opportunity!»

What you need to know about the apprenticeship

You'll attend the Berufsfachschule Langenthal, a vocational college, for one to two days a week, and courses with trainees from other companies will take place several times throughout the training. Those with above-average school-leaving qualifications can choose to complete a Vocational Baccalaureate alongside their apprenticeship in Langenthal.