Brückner Maschinenbau, Siegsdorf, Germany

raumweltenheiss developed a new furnishing concept for the administrative areas of finance and logistics for the Brückner Maschinenbau headquarters in Upper Bavaria near Lake Chiemsee.

In the course of several workshops, a remodelling concept with office planning was developed to meet the requirements of the departments concerned. The process resulted in spacious communicative lounge areas and flexible desk-sharing workspaces. This helps the company to enable staff to spend more time working from home, while providing the necessary platform for intensive communication when coming together at the office. Separate areas behind glass panels are available for meetings and discreet conversations.

Linq swivel chairs were chosen for conference rooms, including the high chair version, while chairs and benches from the Biala product family can be found in other meeting and retreat areas.

Brückner Maschinenbau, Siegsdorf, Germany

Interior design and office planning
raumweltenheiss, München, Germany

Linq, Biala, Pablo Modular

raumweltenheiss / Frank Thies