Artek Karuselli Lounge Chair

Artek Karuselli Lounge Chair, Freiburg, Germany

A furniture classic revamped

The Karuselli Lounge Chair is a highly collectable classic that was designed by Yrjö Kukkapuro for the Artek brand in 1964 to offer the greatest possible comfort. This comfort is achieved through a combination of an organically shaped seat shell and the swivel function made possible by a steel joint. Girsberger was commissioned to restore a group of four chairs.

Before the model came on the market, the development was preceded by numerous experiments as early as the 1950s, as well as the construction of prototypes, followed by intensive user studies. Designer Yrjö Kukkapuro ultimately chose to use a kind of “imprint” of the human body shape in the design with a view to recreating the perfect sitting posture. The unusually shaped seat shell is made of fibreglass, and the generous upholstery with PU foam that holds its shape exceptionally well means the chair offers outstanding comfort. 

The name of the Karuselli Lounge Chair is based on the steel joint that connects the seat to the base, making it possible to both rotate and tilt. 


The ergonomic shape of the fibreglass shell presented a particular challenge for Girsberger. The upholstery materials had to be bonded over the entire surface in order to achieve an ideal integration between the new seat padding and leather upholstery and the unusual shell shape.  To make this possible without pressure points, a 3D mesh fabric was applied to the back of the leather and laminated before the individual leather parts were sewn together. The fibreglass shell and the metal parts were also renovated, and a new felt protector was fitted below the feet. 


Yrjö Kukkapuro

Work carried out
New padding and leather upholstery, cleaning of fibreglass shell and metal parts