Heartwood from the tree trunk.
Design: Stefan Westmeyer
Wood from magnificent 100 to 120-year-old tree trunks is used to make the Authentic dining table. The selected heartwoods are used for the tabletop. The bark is removed from the pieces of wood and the wood beneath is brushed, so that the growth patterns of the trunk and the natural contouring of the external rough edges can still be seen and felt.

Capturing a life story

The grain of the wood tells the story of the tree’s life: where it grew, the soil properties, the supply of nutrients and water as well as the climate shape the tree and leave their mark in the heartwood. As a table, Authentic reveals a tree's history like an open book.

Wood – as it grew

Two or three pieces of wood from the middle of the trunk form the tabletop. Forming the sides of this solid wood table, the rough edge of the trunk has been buffed to bring out its natural growth pattern.

How are Girsberger solid wood tables made?

Gain an insight into our solid wood procurement and how our solid wood furniture is made. We’ll show you why wood is more than just a raw material.


Stefan Westmeyer

Born in 1971, Stefan Westmeyer is a qualified interior designer who studied industrial design at Basel University of Applied Sciences. After many years as a designer at Embru and at Girsberger, since 2018 he has run his own design studio, Westmeyer Design Werk, in Lucerne.
While working as a designer at Girsberger between 2006 and 2016, Stefan Westmeyer mainly designed tables, seating and sideboards for the Home collection. Through his own design studio, in addition to product and interior design he also offers trade fair stand design services and event production, as well as store concepts.


Table base chromium-nickel steel
Table base steel black powder coated
Two planks natural edges polished
Three planks natural edges polished


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