Incycle – all-round sustainability

Incycle is a new soft seating programme from Girsberger that was conceived and developed from the outset on the basis of a circular material concept. Consisting of 90 to 95 % recycled materials, the programme is closely aligned with the requirements of the circular economy. The basic module is a round pouf element, which is available with or without a backrest, and can be combined with small poufs, as well as poufs mounted with tabletops. Thanks to castors on the underside, Incycle elements can be quickly and easily rearranged and are ideal for informal teamwork, collaboration, dynamic and communicative central zones and lounge areas. The design is by Mathias Seiler.

Bützberg, 11.04.2024– The name “Incycle” says it all: with its rounded and circular design, the Incycle pouf programme is the result of a material concept that is closely aligned with the circular economy. Depending on the element, Incycle is made from 90 to 95 % materials recycled from various used products.

The main post-consumer recycled (PCR) materials used for Incycle comprise:

  • reconstituted aseptic upholstery foam from used mattresses and other foam products

  • base plates made of mixed waste plastic

  • grey board structures made of 100 % recycled paper

  • upholstery batting and cover fabrics made from recycled PET

The basic module of the soft-seating programme is a large pouf element, which is available with or without a backrest. Also on offer are poufs mounted with tabletops, small poufs and various other tables from the Tala programme that can be used to create a wide range of seating compositions. The Incycle elements are fitted with castors to make them easy to move around. Incycle is perfect for use in scenarios such as informal teamwork and collaboration, dynamic and communicative central zones, as well as lounge areas that can be spontaneously rearranged.

90 to 95 % recycled materials

“Following a recently launched range of products using post-consumer recycled materials, Incycle – as the name suggests– is a concept that is very much in line with our understanding of circularity.

With Incycle we have succeeded in reusing materials from transparent recycling processes, with the option of returning them to the material cycle at a later date. This helps to reduce energy consumption and emissions and conserve natural resources,” says Danielle Quaile, Girsberger’s CEO.

Origin of materials: Belgium, Denmark, German, Austria, Poland

The base is made up of a substructure with a base panel made of 100 % recycled plastic, combined with a robust supporting structure made of grey board produced using 100 % recycled paper. Castors or glides are fitted below the base.

The upholstery consists of several layers of post-consumer composite foam, 91 % of which comes from the recycling of used mattresses and other foam products.

The structure of the backrest is similar, with a steel frame with 40 % scrap content providing the connection to the seat itself.

This structure is wrapped in upholstery batting made from 70 % recycled PET bottles. Last but not least comes the cover fabric such as “Grain”, which is composed of 92 % post-consumer recycled materials.



A special logo is being used to symbolise Incycle’s circular concept and the rounded form of the furniture elements.

Ideal for lounge areas: the castors mounted to the base make the Incycle modules easy to rearrange as needed.

The Tala programme is the ideal complement with its lounge and side tables with solid wood, or black or white HPL tabletops.

About the designer: Mathias Seiler

Mathias Seiler was born in 1963 and studied industrial design under Professor Dieter Rams at the HFBK University of Fine Arts Hamburg. He worked internationally as a product designer for various renowned furniture manufacturers and received numerous awards. Mathias Seiler has had overall responsibility for design and marketing at Girsberger since 2010.

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